If there was ever a season to appreciate our sports and the lifestyle they provide, 2021 was it. Hyperlite has always been a family brand at heart and now we are even more so, with a deep sense of gratitude for our time on the water with friends and family. As 2021 came to an end we saw a renewed enthusiasm in wakeboarding, wakesurfing and all towed water sports. Simply put, the lakes were packed and Hyperlite's 2022 collection is a reflection of how extremely excited and confident we are that you cherish the same feelings as we do, we love Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing.

While things have changed around the world, the tremendous quality of Hyperlite products has not, we continue to create, design and manufacture every board, binding, surfer, life vest & rope to highest standards and stand behind each 100%. Our tag line "Quality Goods Don't Fear Time" is a firm belief shared amongst the entire Hyperlite team. Together our engineers, athlete team & loyal supporters have inspired an amazing line up for 2022.

While our Nautiques certainly don't need it, more is always better, right? For times when we want the wake super juiced or when there is only a driver in the boat, we choose Fat Sac to give us that extra boost.

Trying to figure out how to weight your boat? We have multiple sac sizes that we can bring to get you dialed in. Just ask.

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