Nautique G23Nautique G23Nautique G23Nautique G23Nautique G23

Delivering on the performance reputation that the G23 was built on, the all-new G23 hangs its hat on being the best wakeboard and wakesurf boat on the market. A surf wave that can be shaped and scaled based on the preferences of the surfer, the G23 has the ability to provide the perfect endless wave for whatever you desire. Built on the framework and knowledge of award-winning predecessor, the wakeboard wakes on this all-new iteration deliver world-class performance that is unmatched.

The WaterSports Central/GA Wake Lessons Super Air Nautique G23 is the best in the game. Featuring luxury and performance features exclusive to the Nautique G-Series, Nautique leads the way in not only helping you become a better rider but also your overall experience on the water. If you're interested in a boat like this, check out the inventory at WaterSports Central.

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