The Super Air Nautique 210 has consistently delivered outstanding wakeboard and wakesurf performance for years and is a mainstay in the Nautique line up for a reason. With a traditional bow and sharp Nautique lines, the 210 provides modern-day performance in a well-appointed package. Integrated into the hull of the 210, the Nautique Surf System works seamlessly to create a fully-customizable surf wave that allows you to transfer to either side.

The GA Wake Lessons Super Air Nautique 210 is the perfect boat for beginner-Intermediate riders, small groups, or for those who want to save a little extra on their experience. Featuring many of the same features as the G23, including NSS surf system, PCM engine, and superior stereo, the Super Air Nautique 210 packs a big punch in a small package. If you're interested in a boat like this, check out the inventory at WaterSports Central.

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